Saturday, 7 April 2018

Its Okay.

Someone cheated on you?
Someone left you without even uttering a word?
Someone left without giving you a reason?
Someone just disappeared?

Well, whatever may be the reason.
I just want to say, 'Congratulations, you have just saved yourself from committing a grievous mistake of your life.' Because, if a person doesn't want to stay then what is the point of delaying? 

If a person doesn't want to be in your life then let it be; you can't force anyone. Respect and love is not demanded, it is earned. If you have different perceptions and you never agree on any topic then don't stress, just try to understand other's perception as well. May be that helps. But if you are compelled to leave your opinion, everytime, then you might need to reconsider your choice; Is that person compatible enough for you or not?
Sometimes there are lack of emotions or sometimes there is lack of understanding.
Relationship isn't just about being available for each other 24/7, its also about giving your partner enough personal space, respecting each other's opinions. You need to understand each other emotionally. You need to trust each other. You need to stop being over possessive too. Yes, this can create issues.

And more importantly if someone leaves you, that doesn't mean you are not good enough or you have flaws. Its just that because of different perceptions you didn't vibe well. And its okay, chill, move on. Give a pat on your back and tell yourself, 'It was just a phase, I am okay and I deserve better.' More love, more happiness is waiting for you with open arms. Don't stand in front of a closed door in hope of getting back what has already been lost. Keep walking. You just need to find the right door.
I know its hard but you are stronger than you think, just have faith in yourself. Believe me, you shall rise like a phoenix.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year, 2k18! :)

Hello Everyone!
So, its new year; excited, right?
But why?
Oh! I got it, you are thinking what's so good about this new year?
Nothing was good in 2017 and 2018 will follow the suit. Failures, hardships, worries and stuff like that. But hey, wait a moment! Take a deep breath! Close your eyes and think about all the good things  you have in your life! Your family, your friends, jolly times you have spent them. All those birthdays, festivals, trips. All those things which make you happy, which make you feel you are alive.

Still thinking about the struggles you are going through? Well, may be, now the time has come when you'll be realising your dream. Don't think about the new year as just another year which will go as a total waste. Think about it as another opportunity! :)

God is opening another door in your life which will lead you towards your goal.

Now you are one step ahead; closer to your goal. You just need to be strong, have faith! All these years, you have worked so hard and you have managed to demolish all the hurdles that have come in your way (a pat on your back for that, you did a great job). So put a little more effort. Because now, its the time when you shall reap the fruits of your hard work.

Think of all the blessings you have. Your mother, father, grandparents; fragrance of the unconditional love which they sprinkle in your life. The motivation and support provided by the kith and kins. Count your blessings instead of counting your worries. Cheer up! Don't crib! 2018 is ready for you with open arms! 

And promise yourself that you won't allow any negativity in life. Positiveness is the key to everything. If your thoughts are positive then you can change the negative into positive. Under the influence of the heat of your positiveness even the negative(-) sign will melt and break into two negatives(-) to make a positive(+). You have no idea how much your thoughts, your energy affect you. It can either make you or break you. So, the choice is yours.

You can even move a mountain with your faith. Just don't let anyone snatch that power of belief from you. Buckle up your seat belt and welcome 2018 with huge smile and confidence. 

You are the sculptor of your own life. So, make sure you make a good statue. Good Luck! :) 
And, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2k18!

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Dear You!

Dear You,
Why are you so silent?
Why are you not uttering even a single word?
Why are you shying away from expressing yourself?
Why are you so sad?
What is making you so miserable?
Its okay to feel bad.
Its okay to cry yourself to sleep sometimes.
But after you are done with all this.
Rise above it!
Fight your inhibitions.
Forget your worries.
Don't give a damn to what others say.
They don't know what you are going through. 
They don't know what you are capable of doing.
They are like snakes who spew venom on others.
They just know how to degrade others.
They will go to any heights to make you feel downtrodden.
But don't let others change your perception about yourself.
You are more than what you think you are.
You just need to find your true self and work upon yourself.
Do what your heart tells you to do.
Believe in yourself.
And no matter how much time it takes, just keep going.
You will find many people who will try to bring you down, interrupt your path; but don't listen to them, keep your head held up and feet firm, don't let anyone pin you down.
Roar like a lion; claim your territory.
Just word hard, keep going and then one fine day, you will reach your goal.
You'll be on top of the mountain and the whole world will be at the bottom of mountain looking towards you.
Be someone who inspire others!
Be bold!
Be confident!
Follow your passion!
Rise like a phoenix and conquer this world!

                    Thank you for this beautiful logo, Vignesh! :)

                   *        *         *         *         *      

Below is the video link to the above article. You can listen to it if you like. 

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Social Media is making you a PUPPET

Hello People! Whats up?

So, done with updating your whatsapp status? And Facebbok status, Instagram?
Oh! Oh My God! You might have missed something trending on Instagram because you were busy somewhere else for the past five minutes.

Tell me truly! Is it really important to be online 24/7? Like what will happen if you don't go online so often or miss anyone's post. The world is not going to end if you miss something on social media or will it? Haan?!

Missed your favourite actor's live chat on Facebook? Oh My! That's terrible! You could have got the chance of hearing your name or comment from his mouth. Oh! Come on! Grow up! Will you? Is it really that important?

It's your favourite singer's birthday and you are going gaga over it. You have spent months preparing for his/her birthday, the edits, sketches, videos, hashtagging things and what not. What do these things give you? Do they really make you happy?

Or will it be more beneficial if you celebrate your favourite singer's birthday by going to an orphanage and offering children presents like books, toys, sweets, snacks and stuff like that. Well, I guess if you do so and tell your idol that you have celebrated his/her birthday like this, it will make them so happy. You know this way, you and your idol will get blessings. And the kids, the smiles on their faces will be more than anything you could ever wish for. After all, being the reason behind someone's smile is a very big thing.

And what about the posts which you do on a daily basis like a ritual? I mean is it really important to share each and everything which you do with the world?
Eating something, post it.
Watching something, post it.
Reading something, post it.
Travelling abroad, then ek status update toh banta hai yaar! Logo ke beech mein izzat badh jaegi. Haina?! 
This is what you think? Reputation!!!!! all these posts.. now I got it, all these things are just to get Attention and to show to the world that you are 'HAPPY'. Well, are you really HAPPY? Oh! Wait! Let me be a bit more clear about it. Are you SATISFIED with your life? Is this the way you want things to keep moving?

Well, here is the misconception; people tend to misinterpret that social media is making them happy; well, rather they are making your lives stressful. You post things out of peer pressure and just to show to everyone that you are doing great! But are you genuinely happy? Why? Why? Why stressing so much? What is the need to tell everyone?

Can't you just enjoy your life for your own happiness? Can't you live for your own sake? Don't you deserve peace of mind? Come on! Don't be so harsh on yourself! Think about it.

Friends birthday.....even before calling her/him, post on their FB wall to show to the world how much you love them.

Mother's day it is.....Do you have a picture with your mom? Oh yes! You have! Then post it on Facebook and Instagram to tell everyone how much you love your mom! But hey, have you wished your mom yet? Or was that love just to show to everyone that you really care about her? Instead of doing all this go to your mom, wish her and tell her how much she means to you.

You spend hours stalking your celeb crush and hashtagging everything new they do. You regret if you miss something about them. Your heart breaks if they don't win any award. You vent your anger if someone criticizes them.

So, basically you live 24/7 in virtual world.

And tell me! What about the people who live with you? When was the last time you did something for them?  When was the last time you talked to them and asked them about their well-being?

Trust me, if you find time for your friends and relatives rather than being in your virtual world; it will bring more happiness in your life. If you make edits, videos, sing songs for your friends on their birthday then it will not only make them feel special but it will also make you joyful.

And when your loved ones are happy because of you it will make your life even happier. Won't it?

Isn't it good to do something for people who really matter to you, who really are part of your life?

If you start living in the actual world rather than your so called virtual world. You will feel HAPPY and SATISFIED in true sense.

So, all you lovely people, forget your virtual world and look up because this world has much more to offer.

Try it! You will feel BLISSFUL! :)

                     *      *      *      *      *  

Below is the video link to the article above. You can listen to it if you like.

Friday, 21 July 2017


He spends hours watching clouds and imagining different things in the clouds.
She spends hours playing basketball.

He clicks pictures of the flora whenever he goes out.
She plays video games.

He watches horror shows.
She watches action flicks.

He listens to soft music
She listens to heavy metals.

He tries to sing aloud to himself.
She tries to crack jokes.

He feeds birds.
She feeds dogs.

He climbs mountains.
She rides horses.

When they were together, they never talked to each other peacefully. Even though they were friends but they never agreed on something. Quarrelling on petty issues. Always contradicting each other.
And then the fate played its part. They were separated.

And now they do all those things, once they hated doing and always argued with the other one for doing so.

Earlier, he used to make fun of her when she used to soak in the beauty of clouds and now he does the same happily.

She didn't know how to play basketball  but now she excels in that. She hated it earlier, but now she plays to keep him alive in her memories.

He used to make a grim face when he used to see her running between tress and clicking pictures of them merrily. He used to find all these things pointless. But now he follows the suit and smiles imagining her doing the same.

She never liked playing video games but now she is a pro! :)

He is scared of ghosts but now watches poltergeists videos. He sure is a brave boy now! :)
After all, now, his fear has disappeared. Thanks to her! :D

She watches action flicks even though she used to find them boring; but thats the thing of the past. She has developed a likeness for them now.

Soft music was never his taste, but now not only he listens to them but also hums along. :)

Heavy metals were not her cup of tea but now her day doesn't start without listening to them.

The one who used to mock her for singing aloud while riding, now sings aloud whenever he is riding.

She was not good in cracking jokes earlier but now she has earned the title of most 'humorous girl'.

He couldn't understand earlier why she loved birds so much but now he religiously feeds these feathered-friends and enjoys sitting amidst birds chirping.

She was scared of dogs earlier but now she is the messiah of all stray dogs in her city. She feeds them, takes care of them and plays with the lovely canines.

She loved to climb hills. He was afraid of heights but now he climbs mountains.

He loved horse-riding. She was not a speed lover but now she rides horses.

When they were together, they didn't spend a single minute without arguing; and now, when they are not with each other anymore, they do everything which their pal used to do. May be this is what we call love. They never realized it when they were shoulder to shoulder but distance has made them realize how much they love each other.

Doing something to keep the other person alive in your memories. This is what love is. Love was there like musk; it lingered there only but they didn't realize that love was within them.

Friday, 7 April 2017

You're worth it


Worried because you didn't score good?

Tensed because that random person left you?

Worried because you didn't get a job?

Worried because you didn't pass the exam?

Tensed... Tensed... Tensed...

I just want to say... Why worry so much?

Duniya khatam nahi hui hai.

There is so much you can do. So just chill.

Marks hi toh hain, es baar aur mehnat kar lena, you will score good.

Worried because you didn't get a job? Well, I believe may be you are destined to get a better job somewhere else or may be to do something much, much better.

Worried because you didn't qualify the exam just because you were short of 0.5 marks? I know that was close. But don't think that you cannot do better next time. Think it as, you are so close to your goal, you are just one step away from reaching your goal. Just one more step and you'll be through. Next time give exam with full confidence and positive zeal. Remember, having a positive attitude is very important otherwise even if we are capable, we fail to get what we want.

Tensed because you were just turned down from a job? Don't worry, may be that job wasn't for you. May be God has reserved you, for a better job. May be He wants you to do something bigger. May be you are fit to do something else.

Heartbroken? That random person whom you had already imagined as your life partner left you? Why worry so much? That fella is not everything. Think of other important people in your life who love you, care for you, who love you just the way you are and who doesn't want you to change for them. May be that person wasn't made for you. God has made someone else for you and you're yet to meet that person. It's the fault of the person who doesn't value you and it's not you to be blamed for. So stop feeling bad.

Get up and rub off your worries.

Just be positive, be confident, don't think about others too much. Watch your actions, do something which makes you happy. It's 'you' who can bring a change in your life.

'You' are the sculptor of your life. Shape it as you like it. Don't let others choose your life for you. So gear up and show this world that you are strong enough to do anything. Don't let others diminish your existence. Live life on your own terms and don't think about what others will think about you. You are worthy and you DESERVE HAPPINESS.

And NEVER do anything to please others. You have not come into this world to please everybody. Just follow your heart. Be happy, start enjoying what you do and then you'll not have any complaints from this world. Try to find happiness in small things you do everyday.

Smile and the world will smile with you! :)

Monday, 6 March 2017


Beauty.... What does it mean to you? How do you perceive it?

For many of us, beauty is just looking good, with those perfectly styled hair, eyelashes laced with mascara, a little dab of face powder, a bit of blush on cheeks, well-sculpted lips with that matte lipstick to make a perfect pout for your selfie, a slim body, so that you can wear that stylish dress which is in vogue. So this is what your defintion of being beautiful is like. Isn't it? 

But if I say, beauty is something else. What will you say?

For me, beauty is being "You". Yes, you read it right. Being beautiful doesn't mean to carry that extra load of make-up on your face. Oh! Wait! That is not a face, that is just a "Masked Face". It's not the real face because it has already been hidden under so many layers of make-up. And then you think, you look beautiful. May to be an extent you are right; but by thinking that you can only look beautiful by using these things, you are underminimg yourself. You feel that if people look at you when you are without make-up then it'd be so bad because they won't find you beautiful. Or they will not like you, the way you used to when you looked a certain way, yes with the masked face of yours.

But you really need to believe that you don't need help of any product; they just ruin your natural beauty and they damage your mind as well because you tend to believe, you don't look good without them. You just have to BELIEVE YOURSELF. 

If you have blue eyes then only you are beautiful. No, it is not like that. Colour of your eyes doesn't define your beauty. It doesn't matter which colour eyes you have. You are beautiful in every way. 

You don't need to have a fair skin to look beautiful. And for God's sake stop trusting and using those fairness creams which claim to make you fair. You don't need them. You are beautiful just the way you are. The colour of your skin doesn't define your beauty. You just have to learn to be comfortable in your own skin. You'll have to learn to love yourself. So the next time someone taunts you for your dark skin. Give them a smile and tell them, 'Yes, I am dark and I am proud of it. I am happy being me because God had made me like this. I love God and He loves me. But it seems you don't like God's creations. You judge God.' Trust me, that folk won't dare to comment on someone ever. 

It doesn't matter if you have curly hair or straight hair. You don't need to have a particular shade of hair to look beautiful.

If you are slim, fine. If you are chubby, great. You don't have to do ruthless exercises to burn that extra calories so that you can fit into a particular dress. And please don't sacrifice your food. Eat healthy food that's all. You don't need to go that extra-mile to look thinner while posing for a photograph. You have to learn to love yourself. Just love the body in which you dwell. Don't criticize yourslef to look a certain way. If you cannot love yourself then how can you expect others to do so?!

You know what it takes to be beautiful? YOU JUST HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF THE WAY YOU ARE. You don't need to change yourself. You need to develop self-confidence. And always wear a smile on your face because a smile is the best ornament one can wear; and it makes you divinely beautiful.

A good nature, humility, self-confidence, a smile on your face, and you are all set to face this world. :) A perfect make-up for you.. minus the masked face. :) Then the people will get to see your real face, your real side and then you'll be called BEAUTIFUL.