Thursday, 26 January 2017

Have You?

Have you ever greeted the sun with a smile on your face?
Have you listened to the chirping of birds?
Have you felt the soothing dew with your feet while walking barefoot on grass?
Have you seen the sparkling dew sitting royally on flower petals?
Have you ever tried to listen to the beautiful symphonies which surround you?
Have you ever heard the chattering of squirrels?
Have you heard the cuckoo singing in its sweetest voice?
Have you ever tried to sing along with that cuckoo and sometimes even enter into a competition of who will sing louder and better?
Have you tried?
It's fun though. 😀😁
Have you inhaled the sweet scent of rose which transports you to some other dimension?
Have you watched the sunset, which paints the sky in the most breath-taking beautiful hues?
Have you seen the butterflies fluttering and appreciated nature for beautifully colouring these tiny creatures?
Have you seen the bees hovering over flowers?
Have you heard the bumblebee buzzing?
Have you seen the birds flying up above in the sky in the most beautiful and elegant pattern?
Have you seen the clouds complementing the sky? 
Have you ever looked at the clouds and imagined every sort of things which come to your mind and even tried to show it to others as well, struggling to make them imagine the same thing which you thought? 
Have you ever noticed the different shades of green around you?
Have you ever closed your eyes to feel the soft breeze?
Have you ever inhaled the smell of soil which comes after rain?
Have you....?


  1. Have you write this... Have you? ;)
    Keep it up...

    1. Yes, I have written this.. :)
      And, thank you.... :)

  2. Wow sis I love all your blogs bit being a die hard nature lover I loved it the most ..this is amazingly awesome 😍👌👏✌congreats sis ..great job..👍✌thanks for sharing blissful:)

    1. Yayy.. I am so happy that you liked it so much..😊😄 I am a nature lover too like you.. Thank you so much for your kind words and also for reading all my blogs. It means a lot. 😊😄😍😍

    2. Blessed to have a multi talented sis like u .. Keep it up

    3. And I am blessed to have you.. :) Thank you so much... :) :)

  3. Hey di this one's really good!
    thumbs up.. keep going lyk this.. <3 love you

  4. This one's really good di!
    Thumbs up..
    Keep going lyk this n yeah ILY <3

    1. Thanks a lot dear.. :) And, I love you too. :)

  5. Replies
    1. I am sorry I didn't get you. Could you please translate it in English? That'll be great, because I'd love to know what you have written. :)