Monday, 6 March 2017


Beauty.... What does it mean to you? How do you perceive it?

For many of us, beauty is just looking good, with those perfectly styled hair, eyelashes laced with mascara, a little dab of face powder, a bit of blush on cheeks, well-sculpted lips with that matte lipstick to make a perfect pout for your selfie, a slim body, so that you can wear that stylish dress which is in vogue. So this is what your defintion of being beautiful is like. Isn't it? 

But if I say, beauty is something else. What will you say?

For me, beauty is being "You". Yes, you read it right. Being beautiful doesn't mean to carry that extra load of make-up on your face. Oh! Wait! That is not a face, that is just a "Masked Face". It's not the real face because it has already been hidden under so many layers of make-up. And then you think, you look beautiful. May to be an extent you are right; but by thinking that you can only look beautiful by using these things, you are underminimg yourself. You feel that if people look at you when you are without make-up then it'd be so bad because they won't find you beautiful. Or they will not like you, the way you used to when you looked a certain way, yes with the masked face of yours.

But you really need to believe that you don't need help of any product; they just ruin your natural beauty and they damage your mind as well because you tend to believe, you don't look good without them. You just have to BELIEVE YOURSELF. 

If you have blue eyes then only you are beautiful. No, it is not like that. Colour of your eyes doesn't define your beauty. It doesn't matter which colour eyes you have. You are beautiful in every way. 

You don't need to have a fair skin to look beautiful. And for God's sake stop trusting and using those fairness creams which claim to make you fair. You don't need them. You are beautiful just the way you are. The colour of your skin doesn't define your beauty. You just have to learn to be comfortable in your own skin. You'll have to learn to love yourself. So the next time someone taunts you for your dark skin. Give them a smile and tell them, 'Yes, I am dark and I am proud of it. I am happy being me because God had made me like this. I love God and He loves me. But it seems you don't like God's creations. You judge God.' Trust me, that folk won't dare to comment on someone ever. 

It doesn't matter if you have curly hair or straight hair. You don't need to have a particular shade of hair to look beautiful.

If you are slim, fine. If you are chubby, great. You don't have to do ruthless exercises to burn that extra calories so that you can fit into a particular dress. And please don't sacrifice your food. Eat healthy food that's all. You don't need to go that extra-mile to look thinner while posing for a photograph. You have to learn to love yourself. Just love the body in which you dwell. Don't criticize yourslef to look a certain way. If you cannot love yourself then how can you expect others to do so?!

You know what it takes to be beautiful? YOU JUST HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF THE WAY YOU ARE. You don't need to change yourself. You need to develop self-confidence. And always wear a smile on your face because a smile is the best ornament one can wear; and it makes you divinely beautiful.

A good nature, humility, self-confidence, a smile on your face, and you are all set to face this world. :) A perfect make-up for you.. minus the masked face. :) Then the people will get to see your real face, your real side and then you'll be called BEAUTIFUL. 


  1. ...lovely and Beautiful :*

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    1. Thank you so much.. :) I am glad that you really liked it.. :D

  3. Good one from my lil'sis

    1. Thank you so much! :)
      From your elder sis. :P

  4. True in the end no amount of make up can hide an ugly heart so whether you put makeup or not learn to embrace your flaws...and be nice,nicer enough to shine with your own light and love
    PS make up is a mask but don't hide underneath it should be a game & not a place for hideouts ...