Friday, 21 July 2017


He spends hours watching clouds and imagining different things in the clouds.
She spends hours playing basketball.

He clicks pictures of the flora whenever he goes out.
She plays video games.

He watches horror shows.
She watches action flicks.

He listens to soft music
She listens to heavy metals.

He tries to sing aloud to himself.
She tries to crack jokes.

He feeds birds.
She feeds dogs.

He climbs mountains.
She rides horses.

When they were together, they never talked to each other peacefully. Even though they were friends but they never agreed on something. Quarrelling on petty issues. Always contradicting each other.
And then the fate played its part. They were separated.

And now they do all those things, once they hated doing and always argued with the other one for doing so.

Earlier, he used to make fun of her when she used to soak in the beauty of clouds and now he does the same happily.

She didn't know how to play basketball  but now she excels in that. She hated it earlier, but now she plays to keep him alive in her memories.

He used to make a grim face when he used to see her running between tress and clicking pictures of them merrily. He used to find all these things pointless. But now he follows the suit and smiles imagining her doing the same.

She never liked playing video games but now she is a pro! :)

He is scared of ghosts but now watches poltergeists videos. He sure is a brave boy now! :)
After all, now, his fear has disappeared. Thanks to her! :D

She watches action flicks even though she used to find them boring; but thats the thing of the past. She has developed a likeness for them now.

Soft music was never his taste, but now not only he listens to them but also hums along. :)

Heavy metals were not her cup of tea but now her day doesn't start without listening to them.

The one who used to mock her for singing aloud while riding, now sings aloud whenever he is riding.

She was not good in cracking jokes earlier but now she has earned the title of most 'humorous girl'.

He couldn't understand earlier why she loved birds so much but now he religiously feeds these feathered-friends and enjoys sitting amidst birds chirping.

She was scared of dogs earlier but now she is the messiah of all stray dogs in her city. She feeds them, takes care of them and plays with the lovely canines.

She loved to climb hills. He was afraid of heights but now he climbs mountains.

He loved horse-riding. She was not a speed lover but now she rides horses.

When they were together, they didn't spend a single minute without arguing; and now, when they are not with each other anymore, they do everything which their pal used to do. May be this is what we call love. They never realized it when they were shoulder to shoulder but distance has made them realize how much they love each other.

Doing something to keep the other person alive in your memories. This is what love is. Love was there like musk; it lingered there only but they didn't realize that love was within them.


  1. Oh my god, this is superb.U know what I hate to read about love, kind of fantasy for me. But u have changed my pre-concieved notion. Couldn't agree more. This is soulfully beautiful..U should write often. Don't supress this quality of yours,this is gifted..The way u've portrayed the idea of love that's so so so amazing. U knw thts why I was waiting for free time to real your blog so that I can enjoy reading. I love u man

    1. OMG! Best comment I have ever received.. 😄 I am super happy that you liked it so much and I could change your perception as well.
      Well, I will never stop writing 😄 Thank you for your words of appreciation it really means a lot to me. 😄😄😊😊 And thank you for finding out time to read this. Love you too, Rim! ❤

  2. Seriously...!!! Thanx for writing such a beautiful master piece.... It's a code that will make the things for the people gone through serious breakups.

    It's the best first aid, that can be provided to them as motivation.

    Feeling amazed that how could I know u personally??? Seriously man....such a gem u are...thanx for bringing such a positivity back to me...hmm seems it's the perfect time when u published it....thanx a ton dear!!!!

    1. OMG! I am really overwhelmed after reading your feedback. Thank you very much for your kind words. They really mean a lot to me. 😇 I would be very happy if my article could be of some help to people going through such issues. And your most welcome, Taarak! 😊
      And yes one more thing, always keep that smile on your face! 😄