Sunday, 13 August 2017

Social Media is making you a PUPPET

Hello People! Whats up?

So, done with updating your whatsapp status? And Facebbok status, Instagram?
Oh! Oh My God! You might have missed something trending on Instagram because you were busy somewhere else for the past five minutes.

Tell me truly! Is it really important to be online 24/7? Like what will happen if you don't go online so often or miss anyone's post. The world is not going to end if you miss something on social media or will it? Haan?!

Missed your favourite actor's live chat on Facebook? Oh My! That's terrible! You could have got the chance of hearing your name or comment from his mouth. Oh! Come on! Grow up! Will you? Is it really that important?

It's your favourite singer's birthday and you are going gaga over it. You have spent months preparing for his/her birthday, the edits, sketches, videos, hashtagging things and what not. What do these things give you? Do they really make you happy?

Or will it be more beneficial if you celebrate your favourite singer's birthday by going to an orphanage and offering children presents like books, toys, sweets, snacks and stuff like that. Well, I guess if you do so and tell your idol that you have celebrated his/her birthday like this, it will make them so happy. You know this way, you and your idol will get blessings. And the kids, the smiles on their faces will be more than anything you could ever wish for. After all, being the reason behind someone's smile is a very big thing.

And what about the posts which you do on a daily basis like a ritual? I mean is it really important to share each and everything which you do with the world?
Eating something, post it.
Watching something, post it.
Reading something, post it.
Travelling abroad, then ek status update toh banta hai yaar! Logo ke beech mein izzat badh jaegi. Haina?! 
This is what you think? Reputation!!!!! all these posts.. now I got it, all these things are just to get Attention and to show to the world that you are 'HAPPY'. Well, are you really HAPPY? Oh! Wait! Let me be a bit more clear about it. Are you SATISFIED with your life? Is this the way you want things to keep moving?

Well, here is the misconception; people tend to misinterpret that social media is making them happy; well, rather they are making your lives stressful. You post things out of peer pressure and just to show to everyone that you are doing great! But are you genuinely happy? Why? Why? Why stressing so much? What is the need to tell everyone?

Can't you just enjoy your life for your own happiness? Can't you live for your own sake? Don't you deserve peace of mind? Come on! Don't be so harsh on yourself! Think about it.

Friends birthday.....even before calling her/him, post on their FB wall to show to the world how much you love them.

Mother's day it is.....Do you have a picture with your mom? Oh yes! You have! Then post it on Facebook and Instagram to tell everyone how much you love your mom! But hey, have you wished your mom yet? Or was that love just to show to everyone that you really care about her? Instead of doing all this go to your mom, wish her and tell her how much she means to you.

You spend hours stalking your celeb crush and hashtagging everything new they do. You regret if you miss something about them. Your heart breaks if they don't win any award. You vent your anger if someone criticizes them.

So, basically you live 24/7 in virtual world.

And tell me! What about the people who live with you? When was the last time you did something for them?  When was the last time you talked to them and asked them about their well-being?

Trust me, if you find time for your friends and relatives rather than being in your virtual world; it will bring more happiness in your life. If you make edits, videos, sing songs for your friends on their birthday then it will not only make them feel special but it will also make you joyful.

And when your loved ones are happy because of you it will make your life even happier. Won't it?

Isn't it good to do something for people who really matter to you, who really are part of your life?

If you start living in the actual world rather than your so called virtual world. You will feel HAPPY and SATISFIED in true sense.

So, all you lovely people, forget your virtual world and look up because this world has much more to offer.

Try it! You will feel BLISSFUL! :)

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  1. Bahut badiya shweta 👏👏👏👏👏 humesha ki tarha bahut he aache se sab kuch decribe kiya.. 👏👏👏👏

  2. �������������� exquisite piece..Your power of observation with skilled analysis is tremendous ans trust me this is the quality of yours which differentiates You from others. awesome writting, hope people will understnd the realize the worth of Time and learn to respect their individuality. lots of love yaaar,, keep writing ,keep spreading positivity... M damn lucky to have u as my friend.

    1. Thank you very much, Rimjhim!! 😊😊😄😄 Your words always encourage me to do better and better everytime. 😊😍😍😄😄😇😇 And I am LUCKY too, to have you as my FRIEND. 😊❤

  3. Keep it up...m so glad aftr hearing nd read this ... Nice