Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year, 2k18! :)

Hello Everyone!
So, its new year; excited, right?
But why?
Oh! I got it, you are thinking what's so good about this new year?
Nothing was good in 2017 and 2018 will follow the suit. Failures, hardships, worries and stuff like that. But hey, wait a moment! Take a deep breath! Close your eyes and think about all the good things  you have in your life! Your family, your friends, jolly times you have spent them. All those birthdays, festivals, trips. All those things which make you happy, which make you feel you are alive.

Still thinking about the struggles you are going through? Well, may be, now the time has come when you'll be realising your dream. Don't think about the new year as just another year which will go as a total waste. Think about it as another opportunity! :)

God is opening another door in your life which will lead you towards your goal.

Now you are one step ahead; closer to your goal. You just need to be strong, have faith! All these years, you have worked so hard and you have managed to demolish all the hurdles that have come in your way (a pat on your back for that, you did a great job). So put a little more effort. Because now, its the time when you shall reap the fruits of your hard work.

Think of all the blessings you have. Your mother, father, grandparents; fragrance of the unconditional love which they sprinkle in your life. The motivation and support provided by the kith and kins. Count your blessings instead of counting your worries. Cheer up! Don't crib! 2018 is ready for you with open arms! 

And promise yourself that you won't allow any negativity in life. Positiveness is the key to everything. If your thoughts are positive then you can change the negative into positive. Under the influence of the heat of your positiveness even the negative(-) sign will melt and break into two negatives(-) to make a positive(+). You have no idea how much your thoughts, your energy affect you. It can either make you or break you. So, the choice is yours.

You can even move a mountain with your faith. Just don't let anyone snatch that power of belief from you. Buckle up your seat belt and welcome 2018 with huge smile and confidence. 

You are the sculptor of your own life. So, make sure you make a good statue. Good Luck! :) 
And, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2k18!


  1. Too awesome, too great,,nd damn motivational....exactly what I expected,a marvellous piece of motivation...Happy New Year.

    1. yaayyy.. I am so HAPPY that I could live upto your expectations! :) :D thanks a lot!! and thank you for having faith in me.. :) I am blessed.

  2. Tooo good happy new year shweta may God bless u

    1. Thanks a lot, my Jain! :) Stay Blessed dear! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing this never fail to inspire me with your words of wisdom....keep up doing the good work..
    Btw... Happy new year sis, stay blessed :)

    1. Thank you so much, dear brother! :) Your words of motivation and appreciation inspire me to write. :)

  4. So good and motivational sweetheart.... ��