Saturday, 7 April 2018

Its Okay.

Someone cheated on you?
Someone left you without even uttering a word?
Someone left without giving you a reason?
Someone just disappeared?

Well, whatever may be the reason.
I just want to say, 'Congratulations, you have just saved yourself from committing a grievous mistake of your life.' Because, if a person doesn't want to stay then what is the point of delaying? 

If a person doesn't want to be in your life then let it be; you can't force anyone. Respect and love is not demanded, it is earned. If you have different perceptions and you never agree on any topic then don't stress, just try to understand other's perception as well. May be that helps. But if you are compelled to leave your opinion, everytime, then you might need to reconsider your choice; Is that person compatible enough for you or not?
Sometimes there are lack of emotions or sometimes there is lack of understanding.
Relationship isn't just about being available for each other 24/7, its also about giving your partner enough personal space, respecting each other's opinions. You need to understand each other emotionally. You need to trust each other. You need to stop being over possessive too. Yes, this can create issues.

And more importantly if someone leaves you, that doesn't mean you are not good enough or you have flaws. Its just that because of different perceptions you didn't vibe well. And its okay, chill, move on. Give a pat on your back and tell yourself, 'It was just a phase, I am okay and I deserve better.' More love, more happiness is waiting for you with open arms. Don't stand in front of a closed door in hope of getting back what has already been lost. Keep walking. You just need to find the right door.
I know its hard but you are stronger than you think, just have faith in yourself. Believe me, you shall rise like a phoenix.


  1. Seriously �� on the right time... ��

    1. I hope it will help you to some extent. :)

    2. Good job shwetu just have faith in yourself nice line