Friday, 18 March 2016


Tanya! Tanya! Mr. Singh entered the house calling his daughter. 
Tanya : Yes, Papa! You were calling me. What happend?

Giving Tanya, admission letter of the college she always wanted to study 
in, Mr. Singh hugged her. Beta! You always had a penchant to study in this 
college. Now you can! :) I am so happy for you.

Tanya, overjoyed and shocked at the same time asked her dad, but Papa! how 
is it possible? Earlier, the college authorities refused me admission 
because we couldn't afford it. And now, what has happened? What's the 
reason behind all this? (Tanya, as usual, ready with plethora of questions.)

Mr. Singh : My li'l angel, calm down. Have a seat and take a look at 
today's newspaper. The most awaited decision that we were yearning to see 
is finally here. Our Government has dissolved the caste based reservation 
and now they have devised new norms stating that reservation would be given 
according to financial condition of people.

Tanya was happy to learn this wonderful news. Her dream was soon going to 
be fulfilled.

She was a bright student but because she belonged to a poor family and that 
too of Gen category, she could not get admission in the prestigious college 
from where she wanted to pursue higher studies.

But now, after the announcement of government's new policy she has got 
admission in "Seven Oaks", a prestigious medical college. Gradually, she
became familiar with college. Though, doing MBBS is not a cakewalk but 
Tanya was determined to reach her goal. She cleared each and every exam
with so much ease.

Now, five years have passed and Tanya has emerged as the Best Student of 
Batch 2016-21. She is loved by all, she is her friends' pillar of support 
and teachers' favourite (sincerity and punctuality are the two pillars 
which define her, that's what makes her teachers' pupil). In the 
Felicitation ceremony, she is being given the trophy for her remarkable 
academic performance. Tanya, "Best Student of Batch 2016-2021". Her parents 
are there in the audience. They are so proud of her, tears of joy flowing 
down her mother's eyes. They were extremely happy. Tanya called her mummy 
and papa on stage. She thanked them for always supporting her. Everybody 
was chanting Tanya's name. She held her trophy high and the sound of a huge 
round of applause engulfed the amphitheatre. 

Everything was just so perfect. Then suddenly, Tanya heard something, it 
was the voice of her mother. Tanya! Get Up! It's 6 o'clock. And then she 
realized that everything which happened was just a dream. *Sighs* Damn it! 
It was just a dream. I wish it was true. Why my life is so miserable? She 
questioned. And she was back in real life which is full of so many 

                         *     *     *     *     *

Surprised? Liked the above story? You too wished at one moment that this 
story should have been true! But the truth is something else. And we all 
are very well aware of it. This term, the so called, 'Reservation' has 
snatched the joys of millions of people. There are millions of Tanyas out there 
waiting for an opportunity to showcase their talents. They need to be recognized
and given their due share of education and all basic rights.

I think it's time to revolutionize our rules, the dogmatic behaviour needs 
to be curbed. It's time to set new rules which will mark the beginning of 
a new era, a more pleasant picture of our land. :)

Dreaming to see a better place, a place which doesn't talk about caste and 
creed, a place where there is no violence in the name of religion. A place 
where the most important religion is "Humanity". :)




  1. As usual again it's awesome...... Hope some day someone will under this n will remove this bar from our society......

  2. awsm dream which has to be true , but again come back to the truth the reality is far away from that. just bcz of our blind government and the term named RESERVATION. something should be done with this but the matter is that who would take the initiative bcz everybody is too busy in their lives. so no one want to be a part of that huge change but everybody wants a perfect life. kb sudherega ye desh or kb sudherga ye system yes thats it all was a DREAM.

    1. Thank you. :) And I completely agree with you.