Monday, 11 April 2016



Life..... Too much complicated, right?
Sometimes it's exciting, sometimes it's dull. At one moment we feel like that our life is full of all smiles and the other moment we feel it is all screwed up and the person ends up saying, 'I'm the most unfortunate human who has ever existed on this Earth.' We often find ourselves entangled in the joys and miseries of life, so much so that we even forget to live life to the fullest.

We are so much engrossed to attain all the worldly pleasures that the true essence of life is forgotten somewhere. Yes, I know that we have come on this Earth with a purpose and we should be doing our bits to achieve our lives goal. I completely agree with that fact. But don't you ever feel that in the midst of dreaming about our future we are missing ourselves. Everyone's life has some problems. It's normal. Every human has some issues. But this is part of our life, instead of vexing about it we should take it up as a challenge. Show your life that you are a warrior who never quits. And also try to find happiness in whatever you do.

Do you remember when was the last time you played your favourite sport? So what if you are a grown up now, don your sports shoes and start playing. :)
Aahh!! So you used to be the star cricketer of your colony, right? Then go back to the same place and play with the kids there. I'm sure you'll feel amazing.

Miss the place where you used to hang out with your childhood pals then call them and ask them to come at that place. Tell them that you want to recreate the good old days.

Haven't talked to your childhood bestie since a long time. Then, what are you waiting for? Just pick up your cell phone and dial his number and tell him how much you have missed him all this while. That him that he is still your best friend and will always be. Someone who you can count on always.

Go to your Alma Mater, talk to your teachers. This step of yours will bring a huge smile on their faces. When they will see that their student still remembers them and cares enough to find out time to spend with them then they'd feel elated and blessed to have such a gem in their lives which respects them to this extent. :)

Visit an orphanage spend time with the little kids there. Take books, toys, snacks, icecreams, chocolates along with you for the little children. Talk to them, play with them. Help them. These kids need us to be taken care of. You spend so much money on yourself then why can't you spend on them. When you become the reason behind someone's happiness that gives you immense pleasure. Do it and mark my words this activity will change you as a person and you'll be transformed into a better person who is happy and satisfied.

Have a crush on someone? Oh, yes, got you! ;)
So this champ likes a beautiful damsel.  But couldn't gather courage to walk upto her and tell her that you like her. Why is that hesitation there? Fear of being rejected?Come on, pal just rub off all your fears. Go to your friend and tell her that you like her. Express your feelings, tell her what does she mean to you. How much important she is? Tell her that her endless talks, her presence means a lot to you and you value her a lot. May be she says no to you and you should always be ready to face such situation, accept her decision may be that's what good for you both, but who knows what's on the other side. There might be a possibilty that she also had the same feelings for you, it's just that she wanted you to take stand. Atleast give it a try, so that afterwards you don't regret that you didn't even give it a shot.


When you wake up early in the morning, listen to the chirpings of the birds. Try to feel the freshness of morning. Go to your garden, walk barefoot on the grass. Feel the fresh dewdrops. Listen to the music of nature, bees humming, sparrows chirping, cuckoo singing its melodious songs, observe the butterflies fluttering over the flowers. Take a deep breath, the morning air is so pure that it rejuvenates the entire body and freshens up the mind and soul.


Have you ever stepped out when it is raining? Not yet!? When it is raining, come out, take the rain drops in your hand, feel them, rub them on your face. That water is so cold and pure. Enjoy it. Dance in the rain like you used to do it as a kid. Let off all your worries. Bring out that 6-year-old kid which was long forgotten. Sing, dance, shout, play. Stretch your arms, close your eyes, your face towards the sky and feel the fresh rain drops falling on your face. Feel them. Enjoy the rain to the fullest. It will surely make you feel good.

Life is all about how you see it. You just need to learn how to extract happiness from different situations. "Eat, Learn, Laugh, Help, Live." After all "YOLO - You Only Live Once" so make it worth living. :)



  1. Blogs r imporving day by day...... again gud one dear keep it up....... soon u will be a writer.... n then the writer of book, whose name we have to learn by heart for our competetive exam but it will not to so typical for me as this is my SHWETA .....

    1. thanks a lot Di :) Your appreciation means a lot to me.. :) :D