Monday, 12 September 2016

Friends? No we are just STRANGERS

There were two very good friends. They talked, laughed at each other jokes. Stood with one another in tough times. But then life played it's trick. They both got engrossed in their lives so much, running behind success that they forgot to give time to each other. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into years and there was no communication between the two. One used to think, why doesn't the other bother to talk to me why should I always be the first. And one day when fate brought them face to face, they met like complete strangers not willing to recognize each other. When a third person asked 'Do you know him?' They both said together, 'No we are strangers." What an irony of life! Well, atleast even now they agree at something. But why did all this happen? What was the reason behind it? Well, it was the so called 'Ego' which didn't let two besties forget their last few years and enjoy their old camaraderie. 

Many a times this happens with us. We forget the times we enjoyed with each other. Those picnics, that lunch we used to eat even before the interval bell rang, the times we played together, the crazy talks which we had. Everything just ceases as if it never happened. But this shouldn't have happened, right? We should never let our ego overpower us. After all, what are we without our kith and kins? Whatever we do in our lives is for the sake of our beloveds only. Then why does this happen that we forget to give time to those who meant so much to us. Don't you think that we need to priortize things a bit? I know it's difficult to do. But can't we spare just a few moments from our hectic schedule for ourselves and our people. It could be just a 15 second call to your mom, dad or friend. Or a li'l text like 'I miss us' will also do. (I'll say 'I miss us' because it's not about that single person but about the bond which you both share) 

Trust me when you do such things, the faces of your loved ones will brighten up with a 1000kW smile Aaahhhh!! The best feeling ever!! When you see your dear ones happy because of you. :) :D
Tell me if I'm wrong.?

Okay, I will take your leave now. I guess this is enough for today. I have taken enough of your precious time. Thanks for reading. :)