Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Diwali #JoyOfGiving

DIWALI.... Well this word brings with it lots of fun-filled and happy moments, doesn't it?
I am sure it does. :)
'Diwali' the festival we all love to celebrate with our near and dear ones.

Diwali means shimmering of diyas, a cool array of lights, colourful decorations, new clothes, crackers, sweets and one thing which we all love to receive... the Diwali gifts. Aahaannn..!! There I got you.. I know you love to receive those lovely gifts and also you buy different presents for your beloveds too. :) And it's good too. That's a sweet gesture to show your love and care. But have you ever thought about the kids who never get to see even a tiny earthen lamp lit in their homes, forget new clothes or sweets.? There are so many people in this world who don't get to enjoy the way we do. I know we can't help them all but can't we do a li'l bit to help them? If each one of us lends our helping hand to even a single poor family in bringing joy in their lives then won't it be amazing. Your single work of kindness can bring a plethora of happiness in their lives. And trust me the happiness you get after helping someone is unparallel to any other act of kindness. When you are the reason behind someone else's happiness that feeling is amazing. If you can spend so much on your beloveds then why can't you spend a small fraction for the needy? I am not compelling you but just give it a thought!

So next time when you buy something, please buy some extra sweets so that when you stop at the signal and a li'l kid knocks at your car's window and ask you to buy a flower then please don't hesitate from buying it and also offer those sweets to that kid and wish 'Happy Diwali'. That tiny act of kindness will fill that kid with bundle of joy and you will also feel elated seeing that child smiling because of you.

Go to an orphanage, distribute gifts among the children, spend time with them, play with them, talk to them.
So tell me, won't it be a good way to celebrate Diwali?

You see there are so many ways to help people. Now I am not going to talk about it anymore I want you all to go out and do your bit. :)
Good Luck!

This Diwali let's celebrate "Joy of Giving".