Thursday, 1 December 2016


Dear  ........(I just want to know whether you remember the name by which I used to address you, rather I should say, tease you, 
so fill it by yourself)

You came in my life like a breeze of fresh air. When I didn't even know about who you are, you came to me to offer help, that was really sweet of you. Infact, that was the first time I actually noticed that there exists this guy who actually studies in the same class as I do. It was new class, so I hardly knew people there. Also, being the way I am, I hardly talk to others. I am not really a social being. Silence is what I prefer the most. My friend circle is small.I talk less but when I do, I talk and talk and talk. But with only selected person who are really close to me. Never in my life had I imagined that you'll also become the part of that close knit circle. You were quiet most of the time somewhat like me though. Days passed, months passed and our conversations began leisurely. From class notes to discussing about exams. From talking about movies to our favourite stars(By the way, I loved to tease you by your celeb crush's name and you used to turn crimson). From discussing about latest songs to our petty tiffs(about numerous things which might sound irrelevant to others). Well,most of the time you were the one who actually crafted such situations which made us fight for no reason, You enjoyed them, no? You did, I know! *wink* But, you know what, I enjoyed it too. I don't know when you became so much important to me. The things which we never used to discuss with anyone about our dreams and aspirations, we used to tell each other. Those late night discussions talking about our life goals and then saying, 'OMG! I never discussed anything like this with anyone.' Ever wondered why, why you told everything to that person only? By the time, I realised, our session came near culmination. It was time to bid adieu to everyone. Filling those slam books,writing messages on friends' shirts,that never ending photo session, pulling each others leg, all became part of memories which will be cherished forever. That last day of college, last ride in bus, that last sentence which you said to me still echoes in my ears. You were always concerned about me,how will I go back home. Who will come to take me? Perhaps, you didn't know but your nature was the main reason why I liked you. You know what whenever I pass by that bus stop, I'm reminded of you.

College ended and we became engrossed in our respective lives. We do used to talk with each other but eventually everything subsided. No more messages or calls; in the race of achieving your goals everything faded away. Friends became strangers and ignorance became friends. You know what kills the most, it's ignorance. If you want someone to vanish away from your life, you just need to start ignoring that person. You don't need to fight or say something harsh to them, all you need to do is just IGNORE the person. Ignorance is the best tool to eliminate people from your life. And that's exactly what you did. Bravo! Now you don't have a non-stop chatting machine who used to keep nagging 24/7. But before doing this to me. Didn't you ever feel the need to come and say to me, 'I don't want you in my life anymore.'? You never thought that way. You are so busy in your life. Ain't you? You are like the morning dew which disappears when sunlight comes. I guess you have found that sunlight which has taken you along with it for eternity. I wish I had turned back that day and expressed my feelings for you but how could I had done that because I myself didn't realise it until we were apart.

Well, now when it has come to all this. I just want to tell you, "I have stopped turning back to pages of my life's book because every page reminds me of you." I try to ignore those roads on which we used to walk together. I hate the places once I loved because they remind me of you. But, I want to say, a huge thanks to you for coming into my life and telling me, the meaning of life; when you were in it, life was beautiful but when you are not in my life anymore it's even more GORGEOUS. Thanks for teaching me that life does not come to an end when you loose that special person. Infact,life can be lived alone, on our own terms, like the way we want it to be. I am alone and happy. Nature is my best friend. Birds are my musical companions and I believe these feathery friends more than humans. 

When you will get this letter I'd be gone very far away. I don't even know if you will ever read this. But if you do, I just want to say that, I have cherished every moment spent with you. You will always remain close to my heart. Wherever you are, I just pray that you stay happy. Don't let others diminish your dazzle. Always remember, that I'll forever remain with you as your guardian angel. Whenever you need me just close your eyes and you'll find me standing by your side. I didn't get the chance to say it when I was there with you but I'm saying it now, I LOVE YOU. 

Hope to meet you in my next birth.
Until then bye!

Yours and only yours...... *You know the name* Do I need to say more?


  1. Touching lines ... Words from bottom of heart wonderful

  2. amazing lines,,must say dat u hav a grt skill in skilled writer

    1. Thank you so much dear! Your appreciation means a lot. :D